Primary School

Every child delights in all sense perceptions whether it is visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory or kinaesthetic . Talk to your child, sing to your child. Your child has curiosity. Children study everything intently. In Pre-nursery and nursery, they are introduced to colours. They learn about colours. We celebrate colour days such as blue day, red day, yellow day and so on.

The child is introduced to shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles etc. Encourage the child to smile to others, especially children, and be sociable. This is an important step before entering pre-school.Constant repetition and applause is a must while learning. Children must listen to sounds, letters and anything they learn repeatedly.

We must realise that all children develop in different ways. One child will walk or talk earlier than another. One child may recite more nursery rhymes, remember more stories, or be able to identify more shapes and colours. We must never compare children and make them feel inadequate. Encourage and applaud each time they try.

Pre-school is an apportunity for a child to develop independence, discipline and motor skills. The teacher is expected to plan outdoor and indoor activities, taking care to ensure the comfort and safety of children.

Admission in British Kinder and Primary school

We provide learning for pre-nursery, Nursery, LKG, UKG and Primary section.

Pre-Nursery   -  Age 2-3
Nursery           -  Age 3-4
LKG                 -  Age 4-5
UKG                -  Age 5-6


Parents who need admission for their child in any of the classes may contact the office :

School   : 9567466231, Director : 9567466386